Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Photos: Callies Portrait Photography

Branche Pillow Case photo from

When it comes to bedtime, there are a few essentials for insuring sweet dreams. I usually begin by taking off my rings and putting on a nice hand cream such as Gianna Rose Hand and Body Cream. I can't seem to fall asleep when my hands feel dry. This cream is very moisturizing without feeling greasy at all. Nothing seems to quench thirsty skin quite like it. Lighting a candle to set a dreamy mood while I go through my nitetime rituals seems to slow down my racing thoughts. I especially love this Pink Pepper candle by D. L. and Co. It burns clean with soy wax and essential oils instead of sythentic fragrance. The glass bowl it is poured in is frosted pink and has a lovely glow. Finally, when it's lights out, I can't sleep without an eyemask to block out the street lamps that seem to penetrate my curtains. Mary Green makes these lovely silk charmeuse eyemasks that are so comfy to wear. Silk will not wick moisture out of your skin like cotton and therefore makes it the perfect fabric to wear next to the delicate skin around your eyes. I also purchased this pink silk charmeuse pillowcase from to protect my hair from split ends and my face from moisture loss. It's a gorgeous heavy silk satin pillowcase that looks and feels luxurous. To care for silk, wash by hand in cool water with a mild detergent. Lay wet silk on a towel and roll it up to press out the excess water. Then put your silk in a plastic bag and cool it in the freezer before ironing it on low. This will help keep silk shiny and supple. Sweet Dreams my Beauties!

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