Sunday, July 24, 2011

Petite Boudoir

We live in an old craftsman style farmhouse with very little rooms and even less storage. I know it is a crime, but I painted over perfectly beautiful wood antiques: bed, armoire and vanity, to soften up the room. It is amazing how much stuff I crammed in here. I bought pretty hooks from Anthropologie to hang long nities from my doors. The walls are a pale salmon pink that glow in the amber chandelier lighting. I added moulding to the armoire and doors of the closet to blend it with the french bed. I bought Bella Notte linens in the pale pink color called Petal for my bedding ensemble in velvet, silk and damask...beautiful and washable! The chandelier is Italian Tole picked up on my first trip to Paris. It has pink and yellow delicate porcelain roses with amber, smoke and coffee colored crystals. I love to lay in bed and remember my trip as I stare at the crystals glittering in the soft light.

French Vanity Dressing Table

I like to have some of my jewelry options in plain site so that I remember to put on earrings or rings before I run out the door. I have a drawer I store jewelry in and am always surprized when I open it because I forget what is in there. Vintage German or French half dolls make great bracelet or brooch holders. Statues are perfect for hanging necklaces. My favorite find is a mini French vase shaped like a pink fish that I store my diamond hairpins in. Hope this inspires you to add a little sparkle in your life.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls

Lately I've been collecting Nancy Ann Storybook dolls off ebay for a nursery rhyme themed baby shower. My mother had one of the pink babies on the top of her birthday cake when she turned five. The prints are out of a mother goose nursery rhyme book. The faces are so sweet. It looks as if Nancy Ann Storybook dolls were fashioned after these beautiful prints.