Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jill Stuart Makeup Fit For A Queen

Photos: Callies Portrait Photography

Jill Stuart makeup is my favorite discovery lately. It's really all about the packaging but the product is excellent quality as well. I would love nothing more than to fly to Japan and spend an afternoon playing in makeup at her boutique. For now I just order off the internet and wait anxiously for my packages to arrive. It gives me something to look forward to in the mail instead of bills. Her makeup is generally sheer and sparkly. Lots and lots of glitter for the princess in all of us. Even the nail polish is quite sheer but multi dimensional with sparkles galore. The compacts are plastic although they look silver. They are adorned with pink diamonds, ribbons, tassels and charms. Even the eyelash curler is pink metal with a diamond charm. My favorite product is the Blush Blossom cheek powder. I ordered it in Sweetpea and love the pearly pink glow it adds to the apples of my cheeks and the subtle fruity fragrance. The glosses are a bit too sheer so I add a little color with her charming lip liners complete with jewel shaped caps. I admit I am a makeup junkie and have drawers full of tubes and compacts used once or twice. But Jill Stuart is different. It offers an experiece when you put it on. Just for a moment I can almost identify with Marie Antoinette sitting at her vanity blushing her cheeks with beautiful puffs and silver jars. The packaging transports you to the realm of fantasy where everything is lovely for a few moments.
My Jill Stuart makeup routine for pale Norwegian skin:
1. Prime face with Pure Lasting Makup Base
1. Cover pores on nose with Pore Solid Essence
3. Brush on Moist Silk Powder Foundation in 101 Linen
4. Apply eyeshadow- usually three colors depending on what I'm wearing
5. Apply liquid eyeliner in black..I like to turn up at the ends like old hollywood glamour
6. Curl lashes and apply mascara and if it's a really special date, glue on false eyelashes
7. Highlight cheek bones with a shimmer highlighter in color 101 Marshmellow Puffy
8. Apply Blush Blossom in 01 Romantic Sweet Pea
9. Put on lipliner and a gloss to match outfit
10. If I have time for nail polish I file my nails and brush on a base coat, two coats of nail lacquer color and a top coat

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