Thursday, March 10, 2011

Laduree Paris Pastries

Photos: Callies Portrait Photography and personal photos

Last year in Paris my husband and I ate at Laduree as many times as possible. Laduree is a French bakery with exquisite pastries and chocolates. I think I spent the majority of my cash eating rose creampuffs (rose religieuses) and Lily of the Valley macarons on a daily basis. Truly it's a bit of heaven on earth. I brought home as many goodies from Laduree as I could cram into my suitcase. Mostly chocolates and teas. Flavors like Marie Antoinette, Almond, Earl Grey, Laduree's own blend, Violette, Herbal Infusion, and some Cocoa. I pray that someday Laduree will open in the USA. Fortunately they have published a cookbookthat gives an easy version of some of their most popular sweets. I've made the rose creampuffs a couple of times and they do taste similar but not as good as the real thing. The recipe calls for rose water, rose syrup, and rose essence that can usually be found at Indian grocery stores.

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