Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey Doll Face

Photos: Callies Portrait Photography

Natural beauty products in cute packaging are hard to come by. Especially in cute pink retro packaging. But thanks to Doll Face I can have the best of both worlds in skin care. Doll Face makes completely organic natural beauty cocktails for your skin in glass bottles that can be reused or recycled. Each product has a real cocktail recipe that comes with it on the box. So cute. You can also order these travel cases to keep it in. Shown here are the mini travel set in the round case and a full size train case with a couple of other essential travel products as well. Saving cream, toothpaste, mini blowdryer and flat iron.

The Art of Shaving makes a women's line of shaving products with natuaral rose water to heal and moisturize the skin. The cream is so luxurious with no harsh chemicals to dry out the skin.

Rose flavored toothpaste from Breath Pallette was developed by a Japanese doctor to heal gums and preserve tastebuds.

Mini blowdryer and flat iron from Babyliss are quiet and handy and come in a pale pearlized pink to match. Love it! Now all I need is a cosmo and a ticket to Paris.

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  1. The Doll Face line is darling, thank you for sharing. I have a handy Cosmo travel set, a gift from a friend who knows the importance of a real treat. I'll send along for your next trip.