Friday, April 8, 2011

Ballet Inspired Designs

I've always loved the ballet. The Sleeping Beauty inspired me to make these lovely little accessories. The ballet slippers I bought from a dance store in Paris called Repetto. To embellish them I sewed pink tulle rosettes over vintage rhinestone pins. Then I cut a pelt of rabbit fur from the craft store to line the insides and make them extra warm for my cold hardwood floors. To make the fur stole I took apart a pink fox fur sweater and sewed a silk back on the fur to create a scarf of sorts. I pin it with my favorite rhinestone bow brooch from Eisenberg 1930s found at a local antique store. To add glamour to my hair I bought a quality hair clip and glued vintage earrings to the front using a clear craft glue made for metal. My little pink tulle evening bag is a Louboutin inspired confection. I sewed layers of tulle around a silver satin bag to give it a tutu vibe. To finish the top I glued rhinestones and a bow pin for a touch of girly sparkle. Now I feel ready to pirouette around my house in my slippers and fluff. It's fun to be a girl. Hope this inspires you to get out your needle and thread and a little glue.

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