Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Houbigant-Perfumer to the Queen

I have worn Quelques Fleurs since 1986 when I fell in love with it at Nordstroms.  I was just 16 and didn't have a lot of money.  I did, however, strike a deal with my wealthier boyfriend that I would write his mid-term essay for the small price of $38.00...the cost of a small bottle of eau de toilette.  How I wish it was still that price.  Quelques Fleurs has the most intriguing history, worn by royalty and many other famous beauties. It is incredibly floral, as the name suggests, and I sometimes wonder if it isn't patterned off the original fragrance called Petit Trianon created for Marie Antoinette.  It seems to have many of the same notes.

Sorry to all my faithful followers.  I do not have internet at home any longer and it makes it nearly impossible to blog.  Don't give up on my yet...I will post as often as I can.

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