Friday, January 28, 2011

Powder Puff Pastries

Powder Puffs. Soft, luxurious, intimate and quintessentially feminine. Sweeter than a French macaron, powder puffs are an irresistable treat for your senses. The best are made of swan's down and are barely detectable as they caress your skin.

The photo of the white vintage puff in the shell is probably German. It is made of swan down topped with silk and a celluloid ring. I found this delicious little creampuff at a local antique shop for around $30.00 which is an incredible price as they normaly run around $125 for one in such great condition.

The candy pink puff in the martini glass is made by Caron. I purchased it in Paris at the famous House of Caron perfumery and believe it is also made of swan and dyed a luscious shade of pink. It is frosted with a satin signature bow embossed with gold lettering.

The puff on the plate is one of my favorites. It is made of goose down and fitted with a vintage sterling handle. This one came from Westminster Lace back in the early 90s. I keep it on my vanity and use it all the time with a scented white powder all over my body. The trick to keeping down puffs in good condition is not to rub, just delicately puff. Then when you are done, blow out the excess powder like you're blowing out a candle to make a wish.

The trio of powders in the silver candy dishes are from left to right: Jill Stuart, Juicy Couture and Victoria Secret. The Jill Stuart puff is filled from inside with a fruity scented glittery powder. To apply, you slip the little diamond ring on your finger and puff and fluff to your hearts content. Juicy Couture's body powder is a pale champagne color infused with crushed diamonds and pearls and leaves a beautiful glow. I love to use it on bare legs to even out skin tone and leave a pretty shimmer. The Victoria Secret Powder is very old and no longer available but is one I couldn't seem to part with it. I love the retro packaging and the powder itself is cupcake pink with chunky silver glitter. The puff is the softest fuzzy fabric imaginable and glides on smooth to leave you sparkling.
The lavender feather puff is a French tickler brush from Tarte. Its great for dusting off excess eyeshadow fallout that lands on your cheekbones.

Photo: Norma Sheerer in Marie Antoinette

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