Monday, July 23, 2012

My Petite Versailles

Thanks to my dear sister, I have some updated photos of my garden I've been working on.  All the brick is dug up from an old street of a nearby town.  I planted lots of pink roses around the statue that my dove "Romeo" has claimed for his new perch.  I added a small pond with a fountain in it...a little hard to tell in the second photo from the top, but the tinkling water sound is lovely.  It attracks all the local birds and my cat and chickens use it for a drinking fountain. The birdhouse above is made of broken china (thanks to my 4 kids.) It's been a wonderful summer so far and I am so glad I put in a little effort this year to make a relaxing space outside.  I've enjoyed it so much, reading french novels and drinking lavender lemonade, that I wish I would've done this years sooner.  Happy summer twirly-girls.


  1. It is charming and I love the old bricks gives so much character. Hope your summer is going well. Too humid here for me. I get to take little "trips" via all the pretty blogs.

  2. Sooo pretty and I love that brick walkway!!! Makes me want to put on a southern 1800s dress and prance around while fanning my face! le sigh..